Two Hires and a Promotion: The Anthemis Team is Growing!

3 min readMar 29


L-R (Elise Brown, Jeremy Brown, Will Nelligan)

We are very excited to announce a promotion and two new hires at Anthemis.

First and foremost, Elise Brown has been promoted to the position of Chief Marketing Officer. Storytelling — using narratives to help people visualize a different future — is a foundational element of systems change and a core component of the Anthemis model. Elise has been critical to helping flesh out that dimension of our theory of change. She has made an enormous impact on the Anthemis brand and ecosystem since joining our company in 2019. Elise has a unique ability to build brands and create community across our ecosystem. She has also been a powerful asset to our portfolio founders, helping them deploy their own brand development and marketing initiatives. Her promotion to CMO is a testament to her exceptional leadership and vision. We are grateful to have Elise at the helm of our branding, communications, events, investor relations, and enhanced portfolio success efforts. We know that with Elise’s leadership, Anthemis will continue to be a singular and catalytic voice in financial services.

We are also expanding our team with two new hires.

Jeremy Brown joins us as an Investment Principal and the first Anthemis colleague to hold a degree from the Colorado School of Mines. Aside from his Ph.D. in geophysics and extracurricular activities in geophysical engineering, Jeremy has developed a stellar reputation as an early-stage venture investor in deep tech at highly-regarded venture firms in London, Palo Alto, and Berlin. We see enormous synergy between deep tech (particularly in climate and construction technologies) and Embedded Finance, and look forward to plotting out those opportunity spaces with Jeremy on our team. He sat down with us for what we’re calling our first-ever “entrance interview” here, and we truly learned a lot.

Finally, Will Nelligan joins us as Head of Intellectual Capital. We are eager to finally formally explore this part of our capital deployment strategy and are thrilled to have Will at the helm. Will started his career at Anthemis ten years ago and has been a dear friend of ours ever since. He is revered for his keen eye for the next great idea and for cultivating potent business models from research and experimentation. Will was most recently a managing director at JFI, where he led a practice on financial innovation. Before that, he served as Chief of Staff at the Robin Hood Foundation. He has also developed some of the most highly-regarded impact investing initiatives in financial services alongside a few legendary Wall Street institutions, both human and corporate. We are overjoyed to have Will rejoin Anthemis to lead our work on insight, impact, and public policy.

Anthemis always seeks out colleagues who combine a generalist’s imagination with a specialist’s skillset. After all, finance touches every industry, geography, and demographic group; innovating within it demands massive ambition, deep domain expertise, and a global perspective. Anthemis looks like the world we want to serve and our colleagues have deep experience in every part of the industry we seek to transform.

We are deeply proud of the unique team that we have built and are so glad that Elise, Jeremy, and Will are integral parts of it.

We’re excited to work together to drive financial systems change and create value from it.

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